Mariana Yampolsky, A Multiple Legacy

Portrait of Mariana Yampolsky, Photography: Alicia Ahumada

Photography: Alicia Ahumada
For many years the photographer Mariana Yampolsky maintained the strong
desire to pass on her artistic legacy to the people she chose as her own, 
the people of Mexico. She made the decision to establish her own foundation,
as much because of her concern for the inadequate care provided for some 
aspects of Mexico’s greatest cultural treasures as for the lack of resources 
on the part of institutions involved with the preservation of the nation’s 
photographic patrimony.

The Fundación Mariana Yampolsky was established at the end of 2001 as a 
non-profit, civil organization with the primary goal of assuring the long-term 
destiny of the legacy she created along with her lifetime companion, 
Arjen van der Sluis.
The Foundation intends to take a dynamic and vital role in preserving the 
multiple legacies of Mariana Yampolsky.  These include two adjoining houses 
in the historic district of Tlalpan: one antique home of historic value which 
Yampolsky’s mother occupied for many years, and the residence and studio 
which Yampolsky designed and offers yet another indication of the broad range
of her creative talents.